IT Procedures For The Rest of Us

IT Procedures

What Is Standard IT Procedure?

A standard operating procedure for an Information Technology department is a document that includes all the major steps involved in a specific project or task. Companies also may use standard IT procedures to document all their official policies, show how a process should run from start to finish, establish corporate culture, identify areas of improvement or act as a reference for auditors to complete quality control.

it procedures

it procedures

Why  Create Standard IT Procedures?

1.      To have better organization: The standard IT procedure sits at the top of the command chain. Whenever someone has a question or concern, the individual can consult with the outlined standard operating procedure and receive immediate guidance.


2.      To direct employees: Nothing beats a clear, concise document (IT Procedure) that spells out company expectations that can guide employees in their work. Even the most experienced veteran may have a day where his or her mind is not so clear and the objectives feel intangible.


3.      To minimize wasted time: There will be no standing around, wondering, “What’s next?” IT particularly lends itself to moments where troubleshooters may simply feel stumped.


4.      To create a measurement for excellence: When policies and IT procedures are put into writing, objectives are clarified and everyone works toward one golden standard. There will be no ambiguity, so the pathways to progress and promotion are evident.


5.      To improve the relationship between IT departments and external vendors or clients: It’s easier for everyone to cooperate and work together when they know what to expect beforehand. Vendors can look at the standard IT procedure and see where the project is at the current moment to have a better idea of a timeline for completion.

 How To Get Started With IT Procedures

To get started, observe someone performing the IT procedure from start to finish and make a list of all the steps. This will be your draft. Then, consult every employee who completes this procedure and see if any changes should be made to make the process clearer. Contact trusted external advisors to lend their feedback for process improvement. Test the new standard IT procedure on a trainee to judge whether it was clear and accurate enough to understand. Then, make your final draft and post it in a place where all employees can access it.




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